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Dragon Slippers

Dragon Slippers  - Jessica Day George If you hate a good laugh you probably should not read this book. Luckily, I LOVE to laugh just as much as I love strong heroines and delicious dragon based fantasy stories. (Hey- this book has those things as well!) If the idea of a shoe collecting dragon makes your eyes roll then I doubt you will survive the first chapter, which is a shame. It really is a charming little book.

In the spirit of Patricia C. Wrede's "Dealing with Dragons" (which was the love of my middle school years) this is a story about a girl who does not need to be rescued, no matter how many dragons she encounters. Creel is one of the most likable heroines I have ever encountered. She does not plan for everything, but even in the face of the unexpected she is hardworking and brave enough to make up for any lack of foresight. This girl has her priorities all in line and her heart is exactly where it belongs. She treats the dragons as fellow human beings (as one should) and shows and understanding for her fellow creatures that appears to be as rare in her world as it is in ours.

My favorite thing about Creel has nothing to do with dragons though and everything to do with her determination to be self sufficient. She could have easily stayed in a cozy place at any point in the story (and therefor DENIED us a story!) but she stuck to her plan and her principles throughout. No wand waving problem solving here: Creel made it to success as a seamstress (and a heroine) on her own.

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